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About Us

Hello Beloit, my name is Demetrius C. Jones and I am the owner of You Buy We Fly LLC Delivery and Transport (YBWF). I started YBWF to help the people in our community still be able to enjoy the community. If you are ill, or shut in, have no car, or just don’t feel like getting out that day we are a one stop delivery shop. When I started the business back in 2011, it was to help the single parents that work long hours, the population of seniors that can’t drive, or people that had just had major surgeries.

If you have family members that are shut in and have places to get to when you are unavailable, they need not wait any longer, and we are here to help with those needs. If you need affordable, reliable transportation to doctor appointments, work, the pharmacy, and many more places. Please call YBWF today 608.363.3939.